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Free Sites to Upskill Yourself

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The already pace of the fast changing working environment has been accelerated by the global pandemic. Having more skills will put you a more competitive employee.

To keep up with fluctuating job market requirements upskilling yourself  regularly is a great idea. Finances don’t have to be a stumbling block for you to become more valuable to your existing employer. Upskilling yourself will also make you a more competitive candidate for future jobs. The internet has a wide range of free courses to take at your own pace.  Here are a few ways to improve your viability as an employee.


Google’s Digital Skills for Africa offers courses that allows people to improve their careers, or grow their businesses with job ready skills. Some of the courses, such as Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, are certified and can be undertaken at your own time.  As the world moves further into the digital space, this course is amazing for anyone in the job market,and entrepreneurs. Other available courses include How to Start an Online Business, and building confidence with self-promotion speaking.

Visit Google for more.


As the world scrambles to return to some form normalcy, no one knows how long the aftermaths of the pandemic will last. The Become a More Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times course will give leaders insights on how to manage during times of crisis.

If you are looking for an introductory course into programming, Harvard’s CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch will prepare you for further study. The three weeklong course gives students a foundation into coding. The course teaches you how design your own games, stories, and interactive art.

Visit Harvard learning for more.


For some people, the pandemic has taken family, friends, loved ones, job security and our dreams. According to so and so South Africans are suffering from severe mental health distress. Mental Health Studies- understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression is a course that that can give you the skills to deal with people experiencing mental health decline in the workplace.

Visit Alison to learn more.


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