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Africa’s first video content creation platform is here

For TV personality and producer, Janez Vermeiren and film director Peri vP, years of discussing the challenges faced in the creative content creation space lead to the duo to build a platform that would create an alternative to the limitations and archaic structure of existing traditional models. The duo realised that as good quality video content and film production have become much more affordable, brands did not necessarily know that yet. These same brands were the same ones which had huge demands and an appetite for video content but dwindling marketing budgets. They realised that a resource that could meet the brand demands had become more and more necessary. Having witnessed how some platforms were solutions for this abroad, Vermeiren and vP knew that the timing was right to offer a platform of this nature to South African clients and creators.

FYLMER.TV is the result of those discussions. This video content crowdsourcing platform allows brands, clients and agencies to connect with a network of filmmakers, editors, animators, and producers to create affordable, locally relevant, high-quality video content efficiently. Clients can post briefs directly to the platform, have treatments come in on their briefs, and have a whole community of creative professionals pitch on those briefs to win commissions on branded digital video content, TVCs, animation, music videos, and everything in between.

As the first-of-its-kind content creation platform in Africa, the platform aims to improve the current barriers to entry many film and video creators face when trying access client’s briefs.

“The intention behind the platform is to democratise the filmmaking and video content industry and open it up so that brands and agencies can connect directly with an entire community of creators, and creators get a chance to pitch on live briefs and win commissions from clients” explains Vermeiren.

“We all know content is king, especially video content. Brands want to be able to create more content more often and speak to their audience in a locally relevant voice. That is exactly what the platform offers – a resource to create affordable high-quality local video content, efficiently” adds vP.

The effects of Covid-19 on all industries has made it more crucial than ever to be innovative and at the forefront of challenges that may arise. This platform is a disruptor. Fortunately, brands are looking for disruption right now.

It took a significant amount of research, development and testing to make sure the platform was user-friendly, had all the workflow needed to create a video production, as well as a structured and step-by-step approach to signing on as a brand and creating a brief, or signing on as a creator and being able to access and upload treatments on that brief.

Now that the platform is live, for Vermeiren and vP, the challenge is getting brands and clients to recognise its value to their business and encouraging them to adopt a new and innovative model.

 As a disruptor, they’re aware that people need time to adopt it and become comfortable with doing things in a different way.