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Publisher & Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Let’s Meet Up

Ingrid Jones
Ingrid Jones

DESTINY is slowly but surely making inroads into the hearts and minds of people again. This is evident from the emails we receive from readers eager to assist with tips and tools to take the brand to the next level.

Our readers want to connect at events; they want to rub shoulders with the powerhouses we feature; they send suggestions of people they want to see featured. It’s so heartwarming to see how you participate and engage, wanting to be part of this legacy brand.

Please keep those emails coming through and feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram with suggestions and connection possibilities. With your permission, we publish the letters and add your pictures, so we know who we are talking to.  

I’m working with an incredible editorial team who are the best in the field of content creation. I cannot thank them enough. Now I want you to assist us in thinking about an event in Jozi where we can meet up with you, get sponsorships on board, and revive those amazing DESTINY Connect events. Please send an email to Ingrid.jones@mikatekomedia.co.za  

Till next time.

Ingrid Jones and the editorial board.