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Publisher's Note

Publisher’s Note

Publisher's note

Addressing It!

We searched and we found an archivist named Justice Mukheli and in him we found our current issues for this current issue. The first cover encapsulates what’s been happening in the schooling system, the second speaks to Gender-Based-Violence (GBV) and what the future of being a woman is in this country, while the last one speaks to the undervalued traditional health industry. It makes us ask this question at this critical time, umsamu waseNingizimu Afrika, uphi? In all these, we hope to leave you with more than what we’d hoped for.

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Legend Manqele is the founder and CEO of The Bar Group, an organization which produces leading edge content through film and tv with The BarLeader TV and through publishing with DESTINY, DESTINY MAN, DESTINY CAREERS and thebar. Magazine.
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