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A Time For Renewal and Rebirth

Ingrid Jones and Legend Manqele
Ingrid Jones and Legend Manqele

A phoenix is a mythical bird known for rising from the ashes of its predecessor or is otherwise born again. For this reason, the phoenix often serves as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. 

Destiny magazine seems to be South Africa’s mythical bird. The legacy brand has survived many turbulent times and has cyclically dusted itself off and embraced renewal. The latest fire Destiny had to endure was stringent lockdown regulations brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic that has the entire world holding its breath. Many magazine titles were destroyed, yet some have read the zeitgeist and renewed themselves for new markets.  

Consumers have taken a digital deep-dive and found many treasures, but when they come up for air, they want to be reminded of the things that stood the test of time. Like analogue watches, but also books and magazines printed on paper. Something tangible.

Destiny magazine took on the challenge of responding to new market forces with a refreshed look for its readers who always want to know that the title can survive any fire.  

And here it is – once again – with a fresh team embarking on the next cycle. The editorial board who oversaw the new edition would hereby like to invite journalists, stylists, artists and change-makers to assist us on this journey by sending your story ideas and people profile suggestions. Stuff you want to read, stuff to make you dream of a better life.  

Drop us an email: ingrid.jones@mikatekomedia.co.za  

Till next time. 

Legend Manqele & Ingrid Jones

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Onke “ForeverOnke” Dumeko is the Editor-in-Chief of DESTINY magazine and thebar.Magazine and The Group Publishing Director for The Bar Group.
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