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Help Avon amplify women’s voices

“We were inspired by the women that are empowered to speak their mind and not afraid of letting their voice be heard,” Honorine Blanc

Your story could be about little things or big things because each step creates a path that another woman hasn’t walked on before. Help us amplify women’s voices during this National Women’s month by sharing your story. Invite women in your circle to speak up and speak out and share their stories with pride. There is no better time to get this conversation going than during National Women’s Month which celebrates the achievements of women.

Master Perfumer, Honorine Blanc. Image: Firmenich

When you share your story of failure or triumph, you show someone else that they are not alone. You build a sense of community and your stories survive and thrive as they are told and re-told.

Sharing your story means showing possibilities to other women and paving the path that you have already walked on. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a woman in power as we are all leaders in our own spheres of environment. It could be something as small as sharing a recipe online with another woman to telling her how your day went. And how you could have made it better. It could be about how you got your promotion or how you stood up for yourself.

Leave a trail of inspiration for the present and future women of our society. Using the Herstory Ingredients, Here is  guideline for you and for women in your circle, chose your ingredient:

  • Pink pepper represents Passion: Potential story tellers should document a story about having reached their dreams at the time when they thought they are unattainable. In the top notes the Bourbon Pepper represents the women energy and stamina to fight for their dreams.
  • Courage represents Iris: Tell us about where you have been courageous and overcame obstacles. The noble Iris flower symbolizes wisdom, courage and feminine confidence.
  • Personality represents PatchouliTell us about how you have risen despite all the challenges you faced.  Patchouli Prisma reveals elegant and powerful wood tones. It encourages a woman who writes her own story.

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