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The Bernini Squadcast Series hosted by Khutso Theledi provides the soul support women need

Radio DJ and host of the Bernini Squadcast Series, Khutso Theledi

The Squadcast Series which launched on National Women’s Day, is a 3-part podcast series that can be accessed on popular social network platform Spotify. Radio personality, Khutso Theledi brings her flair and passion as the host of the series with a guest line-up of talented powerful women who share their stories of how they have risen above their circumstances to succeed, both professionally and personally. During the first podcast, Theledi engaged with three phenomenal women who have planted deep roots in the entertainment industry – local singer, TV personality and actress Letoya Makhene of Isidingo and Generations fame, Busisiwe Thwala – better known as Cici, and radio personality Thobi Rose, who is also a well-known storyteller and culture curator. The theme of this podcast, Sister Support is a nod to every strong, independent woman who recognizes that she would not have made it to where is she is today without her squad by her side.

Celeb Wellness Coach Phemi Segoe

The second podcast which aired this past Friday the 14th August, was led by Theledi again with beauty guru and TV personality Mbali Mkhize, and well-known wellness coach and entrepreneur Phemi Segoe – who is fast becoming a recognized voice for personal development. They discussed topics like ‘how to recognize red flags in your relationship’, ‘putting YOU first’ and ‘it’s all about your mindset’,  in line with the theme Soul Support.

As the proponents of the hashtag #GlowUpOnYourWayUp, the team behind Bernini Sparkling Grape Frizzante decided to initiate this series in order to support female progress and empowerment as their vision is for this platform to give a voice to confident, strong,  empowered women allowing them to share their stories of  triumph over struggles, and how they have progressed into high-powered, successful positions, with the support of their squad.

Digital Creator, beauty guru and television personality

“We understand how tough it can be for women to get ahead in today’s world – and that it’s even tougher when your confidence is undermined and you don’t have the support you need. The Squadcast Series is our salute to the strong, independent, empowered women who broke free from a history of feeling less worthy – either as a result of physical or emotional abuse within the context of gender-based tensions – it’s a platform to express how they found the strength and ability to rise above their circumstances and succeed. The women we have partnered with for the Squadcast Series are the kind of women who exude positive energy and who hustle in sparkling style, yet always make time to uplift other women. We know that they will leave listeners feeling inspired and empowered by their stories, insights and encouragement.  With this series we want to encourage women to unlock the power of women helping women, as the key to rising above difficult circumstances. We want to drive home the message that, no matter what their situation may be, there is a way for women to rise above it  – with the help of their squad” says Bernini Marketing Manager Tania Kotze.

The 3rd and final podcast for Women’s Month can be accessed on Spotify, this Friday, the 21st of August.