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They say we’re too independent.

Charlotte Nsubuga - Mukasa, Head: Momentum Brand Marketing at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited

Bruce Boyer has been quoted as saying “Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.When it comes to successful women, the world has a rather obscure way of dealing with us. One is often plagued with rules, regulations and limitations. We are often expected to toe proverbial lines that at most times, are only there as means of control.

I’ve always resonated with the idea of purpose, because it’s so internalised and unique to any one individual. The extent at which you act or fail toact on your purpose is also something only you are accountable for. But the ultimate decision and responsibility sits with you – for me that is the greatest act of independence.

The greatest purpose in my life is the empowerment of women and I would like to completely shatter the notion that impactful leaders can’t be a servant. Being in a position where I can use my experiences in helping others drives me because not only am I able to celebrate my own success, but I am also able to share that success to increase the number of women on their journey to success.

My father raised me to not be timid and while others spend their time dictating how they think I should own my success, I comfortably and proudly live in my purpose, make the rules and Own My Success.

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