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Boity Owns Her Throne with the launch of her debut fragrance – Boity Pink Sapphire

Media personality, musician and entrepreneur Boity holding her debut fragrance Boity Pink Sapphire

With an illustrious multi-pronged media career that includes TV presenting, acting, music and more recently, a reality show on the multinational cable channel BET, Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo’s magic is certainly something one would want to take a bit of wherever one goes. In partnership with Halo Heritage, a company intent on bringing African beauty back to its roots, the “Wuz Dat?” and “Ba Kae?” hitmaker let us into her latest venture: Boity Pink Sapphire.

Talk us through the evolution of Boity. How does it feel and was it what you had envisioned?

I think my narrative has now become a strong story.

I was intent on becoming a serial killer profiler. However, in my third year of studying Psychology and Criminology, I found out that I was too young for the course because one had to be 21 years and older because you had to go to mortuaries and work with corpses. I wanted to be the first Black woman serial killer profiler in South Africa, but I’ve assumed a reign in another field.

When I started out, I was just trying things out and seeing where The Universe will take me.  I am still that being, I go with the flow of The Universe. It has been an interesting journey which has had a lot of lows but also, such incredible highs, towards what is seemingly my best at the moment. It has been fun and I hope it has been inspirational too.

Ironically, I feel like I’m seriously killing it in the industry now!

We cover the often-challenging entrepreneurship journey quite extensively in DESTINY, how has it been for you?

You just have to start. For instance, I am often asked whatever happened to Boity Toning Support? I started it and it didn’t work out. I have consequently moved on to the next thing. I don’t get married to an idea although I am committed to the journey of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is hard but once you’ve got your mind made up, nothing will stop you.

When I initially ventured into entrepreneurship, I learnt that I would have to fight with a lot of people. You will realise that there actually isn’t friendship in business. Entrepreneurship thrusts you into adulthood because you have to make mature decisions. You can’t take anything personally.

What fuels this, ’Never say die,’ entrepreneurial spirit in you?

Once you start and you see a tiny bit of success i.e. an idea becoming tangible, you can’t help but want to realise every idea you have. I think that’s been the inspiration. I realised that I can actually do it and succeed.

You’ve had a number of great collaborations and endorsements such as Impulse, a LEGiT! range, Sissyboy, USN, Moët & Chandon as well as Huawei to name but a few, why a perfume?

It has been a lifelong dream. This is also a natural elevation or transition from the body spray collaboration with Impulse. I didn’t think it would happen now but it’s great that it has happened at the age of 30.

You wear a lot of hats, what drives you to do it all?

I feel like I have it in me to do it: the energy, will power and confidence. I want to do as much as I want. I also wouldn’t want to wait until it is too late. I don’t know when that it is. I’m inspired and willing to take risks.

Impulse is a body spray and Pink Sapphire is an EDP (Eau De Parfum) – what’s the distinction?

Besides the apparent difference of the amount of perfume oil used by a body spray vs an EDP, the Boity Pink Sapphire scent is incredible. The fragrance is stronger, lasts longer and is more impactful so you don’t have to keep spraying it. More than anything, it is me. It represents everything that I am and the woman that I have become.

How did the partnership with Halo Heritage come about? Why embark on a partnership when you could do it independently?

Halo heritage creates beautiful luxurious hair and beauty products for African women by Africans. When they approached me to collaborate for a first of its kind African, premium perfume, it was an obvious decision for me to agree. They’re also just starting out and it is a beautiful to be part of it.

It is imperative to always seek help. You can never do it alone.

What influenced the scent?

I wanted to capture the duality of women: how we are sensual, yet powerful. I consider myself quite sweet and strong so I wanted to capture those two elements and put them together. Boity Pink Sapphire is an ode to us as strong powerful women, yet it also talks to our sensuality and softness.

What influenced the name?

When I met one of the partners of Halo Heritage, she said I have a pink aura. No one had described my aura as that. It stuck with me because I love pink – it’s my favourite colour!

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, it signifies royalty, beauty, faithfulness and sensuality. I hold these attributes dearly. The name of the fragrance embodies me too.

What influenced the product’s colour scheme? Noteworthy, you’re synonymous with the colour, turquoise.

I love pink, it’s my favourite colour but I also love turquoise. As you have alluded, if you pay attention to my journey, turquoise is always there. It is luxurious, sensual and expensive.

The box is embossed with the shape similar to Boity’s necklace/pendant. The chain aesthetic is carried though on the bottle of the fragrance.

Yet again, the packaging and colours employed encapsulate me.

What influenced the price range which ultimately connotes that it is a high-end product?

I considered the work that went in. We had to consider the target market but we couldn’t ignore the effort and money that we put into the product packaging and perfume itself.

Tell us about the special offer – why a regal bonnet too?

We thought it was nice gift to the first 1000 customers. I use it too to keep my hair intact while I sleep.

Why launch it now during a pandemic?  

The lockdown has made me want to keep going. I feel like there is a sense for all of us to keep going throughout the rest of the world. As much as we’re doing our best to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, life has to go on. It’s the perfect time to spread a bit of happiness.

What do you hope to achieve with this fragrance? Would there be any addition to the range, perhaps? 

While we are working on extensions to the brand, I hope that women and even, men that purchase the fragrance love the fragrance as much as I do.Secondly, when they use it, I want it to evoke a sense of confidence. They ought to be memorable when they walk into a room. The journey has seemingly come across quite inspirationally so I am content. I need to show young black African that there is so much more.

With an interest and experience in fragrances, what should men and women smell like? 

I think you should smell the way that you would like to feel. When I smell myself, I want to feel confident and feel like I can walk into a room and own it. That’s the power of a fragrance. Allow the fragrance to speak for itself.

What lessons do you embark on this journey with and what did you learn leading up to the launch? 

The greatest lesson is that one needs the right team. Halo Heritage is a great support for all my ideas. Collaboratively, we paid attention to detail. One must also be fearless and ignore what ill people could say when they endeavour into entrepreneurship.

What’s next?

Music and more from my collaboration for Halo Heritage. I am grateful that I am able to do this during a whole pandemic.

Halo Heritage is the sole retailer of Boity Pink Sapphire at R1,495.00 and up until the launch scheduled for 11 September, there is an opening special for the first 1000 customers – they will receive a free regal glam bonnet gift with the 100ml regally effeminate fragrance.

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