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See great art from the comfort of your home

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With another two weeks of the lockdown to go, the frustration of being confined has begun to hit hard. However, the Norval Foundation has come up with a way for art-lovers to enjoy and learn more about great works at home. The foundation’s offering #60SecondArt digital stories via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, as well as virtual 360˚ walkabout tours.

“We believe that art has the power to enrich our lives and that artists contribute to our communities in a profound way, so in these dystopian times, the Norval Foundation will celebrate art and artists by releasing 60-second stories about a particular work or artist once or twice each day,” says its CEO, Elana Brundyn. “The art being discussed either forms part of the Homestead Collection or is currently on display and will be released on all the Norval Foundation’s social media accounts.”

As millions of people around the globe experience lockdown, we’re having to do without freedoms we took for granted – like being able to attend launches or exhibitions in person. Musicians who’ve relied on giving live performances to millions of fans in stadia around the world have had to adjust to playing for virtual audiences on social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram Live. The thrill of a live performance is hard to replicate, but it’s still possible to revel in the music. Likewise, viewing an artwork online still enables viewers to marvel at its many facets.

“Clips will consist of a still image or video of one specific artwork, with local and international collaborators such as artists, curators, musicians, writers or museum team members reflecting on it via a voice-over, using easy-to-understand terms. The clips can be viewed in retrospect, on the Norval Foundation’s YouTube page, providing a digital gallery of accessible art experiences,” says Brundyn.

It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids about art and inspire them to get out their modelling clay, crayons and paintbrushes.

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