A Collaborative #AfricaDay Done the #PlayYourPart Way If your #AfricaDay celebrations need some uplifting amid COVID-19 challenges, Brand SA has created a solution with Play Your Part – “Africa Unite”-  a unique initiative designed to encourage and promote African unity.  - Destiny Connect

A Collaborative #AfricaDay Done the #PlayYourPart Way

If your #AfricaDay celebrations need some uplifting amid COVID-19 challenges, Brand SA has created a solution with Play Your Part – “Africa Unite”–  a unique initiative designed to encourage and promote African unity.

“No one could have foreseen the magnitude of the health, social and economic challenges we would have to face in 2020,” says Acting CEO of Brand SA, Thulisile Manzini. “In February, when South Africa was elected Chair of the African Union for the year, there was hardly a hint of the storm that was to come. In fact, we anticipated a very positive year in which we could devote the considerable energies of the AU and its members to the task of advancing the continent’s 2063 development strategy. Covid-19 has put that on the back burner, but it’s highlighted the way in which Africans pull together in the face of adversity and support one another through the most difficult of times.”

The song, which is also titled Play Your Part – “Africa Unite”, aims to highlight and foster African unity, and features a number of languages spoken on the continent, including Swahili, Lingala, Zulu, isiXhosa, seTswana, English, Afrikaans, Shona and French. This multi-lingual approach is inspired by the bold, vibrant, and resilient African spirit, which has once again come to the fore during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The song features leading South African artists including DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Ricky Rick, Rouge Rapper, Youngsta CPT, Dee Koala and Shasha from Zimbabwe, as well as Tresor, who hails from the DRC. The lyrics are a clarion call to Africa’s large youth population to stand firm in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and to #PlayYourPart in halting its advance.

It begins by calling on young people to heed the call to stay home and adopt recommended measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including regular hand washing, the wearing of face masks in public places, and social distancing. But also embedded within this is a message that reflects the triumphant African spirit: “It’s me and you together; we shall overcome.”

“We want Africa’s people – and its young people in particular – to feel supported and uplifted by the spirit of ubuntu (African unity) in this song,” says Manzini. “And, as importantly, we want them to know that our culture of watching out for one another is really paying off.”

LISTEN to a taste of Play Your Part – “Africa Unite” here: 


Apart from the Oceanic region, which includes Australia, New Zealand and four Polynesian islands, Africa currently has the lowest Covid-19 infection rate in the world, with just fewer than 100,000 infections. This compares to over 1,8 million in Europe, over 1,7 million in North America, just below 865 000 in Asia, and just above 500 000 in South America (Source: Worldometers, 21 May, 16:50).

“Africa may be facing many challenges,” says Manzini, “but its young, energetic population has the power to harness its cultural heritage and create exactly what we’re aiming for: the Africa we want. In a similar way, we at Brand South Africa are harnessing the continent’s creative talent to demonstrate once again the subtle – and practical – power of unity.”

The Play Your Part – “Africa Unite” song which features the tagline ‘unity in action’ will be available for streaming and downloads on all major platforms including Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify from today!  Proceeds from streaming and downloads of the song will go toward the Solidarity Response Fund. The fund’s mandate is to support the national healthcare response to Covid-19, contribute to humanitarian relief efforts, and mobilise South Africans to work together to prevent the spread of the virus. It also aims to support the country’s people in dealing with the socio-economic impact the pandemic has had.

“This is  very much in line with South Africa’s theme for this year as the Chair of the African Union,” says Manzini, “which is  Silencing the Guns: Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa’s Development. Through song, we are aiming to highlight Africa’s cultural tradition of unity and the immense power it has to overcome adversity as well as to foster a process of rebuilding after a crisis.”