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Prep for #SelfCareSunday the Optiphi way!

As the lockdown restrictions ease up for various sectors, the pause on retail spending has not for multiple brands which consumers have ordinarily purchased through traditional brics-and-mortar facilities.

Industries such as beauty have been affected quite heavily in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While first-quarter sales have been weaker than usual, the industry, which generates $500 billion in sales a year globally, has however  responded positively to the crisis, with brands switching their manufacturing to produce hand sanitizers, cleaning agents and in some countries, offering free beauty services for frontline response workers.

This has enabled these brands to simultaneously tighten their digital strategies and sustainability efforts. According to McKinsey, some beauty-product brands and retailers with inventory and shipment operations ready to scale up are reporting e-commerce sales twice as high as 20 – 30 percent more than their pre-COVID-19 levels.  Sephora’s US online sales are reportedly up 30 percent versus 2019, as were Amazon’s beauty-product sales for the four-week period ending April 11.

Locally, Optiphi is on-track with this trend. Available online only during this lockdown phase, the brand offers the best in essential skincare needs. Not only does the brand deliver during the lockdown period, but it also does so with free shipping for orders over R500.

As a brand which evolved from the expertise applied in the fields of wound care, the brand is no stranger to innovation. Optiphi utilises the best in skin professionals expertise to promote skin longevity and has optimal concentrations of quality ingredients which are exactly what you need to take care of yourself for the best results. What more could you want?

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