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Introducing Herstory! Share your story to inspire someone.

A new fragrance that celebrates the sharing of women’s stories from around the globe.

We are joining millions of South Africans to celebrate Women’s Month in August and Women’s Day on 09 August with Herstory! As a company for women, we are excited to partake in the commemoration of Women’s Month as it gives us the opportunity to not only celebrate the milestones that women have achieved, but to also ponder and reflect on some of the challenges that hamper women from achieving their full potential.

Women face a lot of social and economic barriers that hold them back from achieving their full potential. Over the years, their voices have been drowned out and silenced by patriarchy and toxic masculinity. We intend to give women a voice by providing them with the platform to share their stories of hope and document how they managed to overcome adversity. Your story can come to us in many more ways, written or video then be shared via:

Where and How to submit

  • Instagram and Twitter: Your social media platform using #AvonHerstory and 1. tag a friend 2. Tag Avon @AvonSouthAfrica (Twitter) @avonsouthafrica (Instagram)
  • WhatsApp: 082 600 6261 (1 minute long)
  • Facebook: Just by using the #AvonHerstory Facebook Frame as your profile picture, you will be taking part in the commemoration of National Women’s month.

–          AvonHerstory Frame can be accessed from @AvonSouthAfrica Facebook page. We are looking forward to hearing from all! Use this frame to your Facebook/WhatsApp profile picture to show your support

–          Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders can get #AvonHerstory frame from the Avon ON App or from the Avon South Africa Representatives/Sales Leader Facebook Groups

Stories can heal, both the teller and the listener. We will be looking out for those women who bravely step to the front of the room to share their own story!

The submitted/shared stories will be shared on our social media platforms where they will serve as a repository of content that women can use as a source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. We believe that millions of women will draw inspiration from these stories and see fragments of themselves in the lived experiences of others. Stories can be used to empower and humanise. And through this initiative, we believe that millions of women, and men, can draw strength and fortitude.

We ask you to keep those stories coming from 1 to 31 August. Your story may be the inspiration that someone needs, it may be the light that illuminates someone’s life. So, from 1 to 31 August, please record these inspirational stories, share them on your social media platforms and tag Avon using the hashtag #Herstory.

As a guideline, Avon is encouraging participants to document the video stories in line with the properties that symbolises each of the key ingredient of Herstory. These are:

  • Pink pepper represents Passion: Potential story tellers should document a story about having reached their dreams at the time when they thought they are unattainable. In the top notes the Bourbon Pepper represents the women energy and stamina to fight for their dreams.
  • Courage represents Iris: Tell us about where you have been courageous and overcame obstacles. The noble Iris flower symbolizes wisdom, courage and feminine confidence.
  • Personality represents PatchouliTell us about how you have risen despite all the challenges you faced.  Patchouli Prisma reveals elegant and powerful wood tones. It encourages a woman who writes her own story.

We all have a story to tell and collectively, we have impact! So what are you waiting for? Your story WILL change somebody’s life!

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