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Find balance in your life

Are you one of the many South Africans teetering on the edge of burnout because you are trying to have it all? Perhaps the pandemic has taken a toll on your mental health and you are struggling to keep things together?  You are not alone.  Many South Africans are feeling overwhelmed. The secret is finding balance in your life.

A survey of 1200 done by mental health Pharma Dynamics, the s to look at how the pandemic has affected South Africans found that people who were coping before the pandemic were not struggling with the added stressors of the pandemic.  Many turned to junk food, alcohol, weed and cigarettes to cope.

According to the findings “more than half (53%) of respondents either lost their job, had to take a pay-cut or was forced to close a business 56% has higher levels of psychological and emotional distress than before the pandemic,  49% feel anxious, 48% frustrated, 31% depressed and a significant, 6%, have contemplated suicide.”Balance won’t solve all of your problems. However, you may become more resilient to the unrelenting pressure of being an adult during covid.

Organise your life

Failure to plan is planning to fail, or so the saying goes.  In the digital age, there are tons of different things vying for our attention at every turn.  From very addictive social media platforms to viewing platforms such as Netflix and Showmax. Creating systems and lists will help relieve some of the pressure of feeling like you have too much to do. By listing things in order of importance, you can get things done in a timely fashion without being too overwhelmed.

Make time to play

Clinical psychologist Muzi Madalane says there are a myriad of benefits to engaging in non-goal-oriented tasks. Being an adult comes with a lot of stressors that can have a negative impact on our mental well-being. Taking time out to do something fun can alleviate the pressures of adulthood.

“As we play, we feel better, and our wellbeing is improved. Our sense of optimism and how we view the world also gets to be improved,” Madalane says.

Avoid Productivity Addiction

We live in a productivity-obsessed world, with rest seldom prioritised. While productivity is essential to getting things done, too much of a good thing can be dangerous.  It is important to schedule time to take a moment to actually connect with the feelings welling up in you. Spend some time with yourself and those you love

Instead of painting the kitchen, spring-cleaning and spending three hours a day on your home treadmill, call your folks, cuddle your kids and give your pets an extra-long tummy rub.



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