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Stand out from the crowd while working from home

Many people are starting to return to the office.However, companies are figuring out how to work with a hybrid method where part of the time is spent at the office and some is spent working from home. Pre-covid lockdowns managers would have close contact with employees and were able to physically see your contribution. However, things have changed.

If you are working from home, whether partially or full time, here is how you can still make an impression

Keep in touch

It’s tempting when working remotely to disappear and surface when you need something. However, now that people are not in close physical contact with each other, communication is vital. This means sending emails to update the team on what you are working on. This shows everyone that you are not having mimosa’s at 12 midday when you are supposed to be working. It also gives your manager a sense that you are keeping on top of things.

There is something like too much communication. In the same way, you wouldn’t continually disrupt a colleague at their desk at the office; keep communication to a need-to-know basis. While you want to stay in touch with the team and your manager, you don’t want to interrupt them while they are working.

Take initiative

These days, people are convinced that the best way to survive work is to only do the bare minimum and get paid at the end of the day. While this is important to keep in mind if you are a people pleaser and are prone to burnout, volunteering to do tasks every now and then will show your team and manager that you are a team player and you are capable of taking on more responsibility. Promotion anyone? It is also a great time to show that you have other skills outside your KPI. Put your hand up now and then and you won’t be forgotten.

Put in an effort for important virtual meetings

Working in your sweats and comfy clothes is one of the perks of working remotely; however, looks still matter. Making an effort during virtual meetings, even if the cameras are on for a short time, goes a long way in sending a message of professionalism.

“Your appearance sends a strong message to those around you about how you feel about yourself and how you want the world to view you,” says Duncan Muguku, founder of, a website providing in-depth career success resources.

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