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Butterfly Twists Competition

Butterfly Twists
Butterfly Twists Competition

Never stick, twist. It’s Leap Year and we are celebrating fearless women who never conform. A Butterfly Twists woman is bold, moves with purpose and is always positive.

The on-the-go-Butterfly. Ready for everything, the on-the-go butterfly is always busy, multi-tasking. Convenience and flexibility are her thing.

The Social Butterfly. She is in the know, always up for a good time and ever on the hunt for the next social hotspot.

The Urban Butterfly. She is streetwise and daring, driven to go against the grain in both her taste and shoes. Which Butterfly Twists woman are you?

Tag a Butterfly Twists woman, tell us which Butterfly you think she is, and you can win a pair for yourself and her in celebration of Leap Day.

Winners will be announced on 02 March 2020.

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BRAND: Butterfly Twists

PRIZE: X2 pairs at combined value R1 500 1 pair for 2 winners

Butterfly Twists

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Menlyn Park, Pretoria

Call 012 348 5039

DATE OF COMPETITION: 28 February 2020