Souffrant Ntim is all about the “art of creating a business”. This is the theme she embraced on her whistle-stop tour with the US Mission to South Africa. She spent two weeks travelling the country and holding practical, relatable workshops to entrepreneurs chiefly in the arts space.

An entrepreneur herself, Souffrant Ntim is the founder of two swiftly growing companies, Vendedy – an online marketplace for street markets around the world – and start-up training firm, The Global Start-Up Ecosystem.

She’s dynamic in a powerful way, changing business models on instinct. Vendedy, for instance, has had three different business models since its founding in 2014.

“It was initially an attempt to digitise the off-market economy. We have two billion people selling street food and products around the world. When I started Vendedy, I wanted it to be an ecommerce platform for these markets, with us helping the vendors sell their goods through using photos of these goods online.

“But it didn’t work. If a street vendor can sell something right now, today, to hell with marketing it online. They need to sell it now. So there was a lot of friction with that business model and we scrapped it,” she explains.