Taking to Instagram, DJ Sbu revealed that he has been invited to speak at a conference to be held at the prestigious Californian university next month, where he is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion on The Creative Continent: The Future of Africa Arts, Media and Entertainment.

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“We would like to extend an invitation to you to speak on The Creative Continent: The Future Of Africa Arts, Media and Entertainment panel at the Stanford Africa Business Forum 2019,” the letter reads.

This isn’t the first time the self-proclaimed hustler extraordinaire and founder of The Hustlers Academy has travelled to the USA to speak at an Ivy League university. Last year he was invited to speak at the Harvard Business School to address MBA and PhD students around entrepreneurship on the continent and boy did, he give them a real-life lesson in how we roll in Africa!

He wasn’t going to skip a beat in missing an opportunity to capitalise on the exposure to new markets. In true hustler style, he cleverly set up a display stand featuring his MoFaya energy drink and charged $10 for a copy of his book.

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“These guys really thought a MoFaya Hustler like me can give them 100 MoFayas and 100 books for free? It’s the ABCs of hustling. Always be closing!” he said in a social media at the time.

“Sorry, but I had to pick up those dollars. It’s called planting a seed. If I could have this whole room consuming my products, it means it’s possible to have the whole world consuming our African brands.”

Watch a clip from his talk below: